Esta es una semana de tachar tareas pendientes en la agenda. Es una satisfacción ver cómo una va logrando los retos que hace un par de meses parecían imposibles. 

Hoy es el turno de #REAAICLE_INTEF. Y terminaría con la publicación y difusión de la unidad que he realizado. Y sí, digo “terminaría”…

Subject: Arts and Crafts                    Teacher: Camino Gutiérrez

 Title of the Unit: About Colour Course / Level: 1st ESO

1. Learning outcomes

/ Evaluation criteria

To learn language related to colour.

To recognise that we see colours as a result of light being absorbed and reflected.

To differentiate between the effects of colours.

To create compositions exploring the colour properties and colour relationships.

2. Subject Content

-Light and Colour. How do we see colours?

-Mixing colours

-Colour Families

-Colour Properties

-The expressiveness of colour and the Color Psychology

3. Language Content / Communication



-Nouns: Rainbow, Light, Sun´s Rays, Raindrops, Surface, Powder, Substance.

-Verbs: To split, To absorb, To bounce off, To colour, To mix, To paint.

-Adjetives: Bright, Coloured, Dark, Conventional.

-Prepositions: Across, Around, Among, Between, Like, With, Without, Instead of.


-Nouns: Prism, Refraction, Colour Spectrum, Indigo, Absorption, Primary colours: Cian-Yellow-Magenta, Secondary colours, Coloured lights, Colour Pigments, Binder, Watercolours, Crayons, Pencils, Markers, Pastels, Texture.

-Verbs: To fade.

-Adjetives: Ablazebleached.



Pasive Voice

Discourse type


Language skills

Listening , speaking and writing.

4. Contextual (cultural) element

Experiments with colors and light.

5. Cognitive (thinking) processes

Analyzing (with the experiments), understanding and applying.

6. (a) Task(s)


6. (b) Activities

Sheet 1Gap-fill with Roy G. Biv image

Activity 1: Roy G. Biv videos: original video and song with lyrics.

Activity 2: Video: Light and colour, Bill Nye

Sheet 2. Experiment with coloured cellophane

Activity 3: Video OK GO

Sheet 3Colour Wheel

Sheet 4. Finding colours (Collage)

Activity 4. Find Pairs Games (app)

Task. What’s your colour, What’s your mood

7. Methodology

Organization and class distribution / timing

The methodology will be active and participatory; in addition, it must facilitate both individual learning and group comunication.

The methodology will be applied through the establishment of work habits.

Class distribution: groups of three.


Session 1.

Sheet 1 and activity 1

Session 2.

Activity 2 and sheet 2

Session 3.

Activity 3 and sheet 3

Session 4.

Sheet 4 and activity 4

Flipped class:

Presentation about self portraits in the History of Art

Session 5, 6 and 7


Resources / Materials

Video: Light and Colour Bill Nye

Video: Roy G Biv (original) , with lyrics.

Video: Primary Colours, OK GO

Sheet 1

Sheet 2: student’s book page 65

Sheet 3

Sheet 4: student’s book page 67

Presentation about self portrait in the History of Art (flipped learning)

Find Pairs App


Three torches

Red, green and blue cellophane

Key Competences

Cultural and artistic competence

Competence in the knowledge and interaction with the physical world.

Linguistic communication competence

8. Evaluation (criteria and instruments)

With a rubric for the unit sheets.

… y digo “terminaría” porque con este trabajo comienzo a un nuevo desafío, elaborar las otras 5 unidades AICLE que compondrán el temario de Arts and Crafts para el próximo curso. 

Y apunto las 5 en la agenda con la esperanza puesta en los momentos de ir tachando. 

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